Saturday, October 18, 2014

An Introduction

Do you ever want to give up?

Do you ever pretend you have fewer assignments just because you're so overwhelmed?

Do you ever feel like a wimpy crybaby because all your assignments keep kicking you in the teeth?

Have you ever stayed up until 1, 2, or even 3 AM the night before your Challenge classes just to finish work you should have or could have finished that week?

Have you ever googled "Surviving Challenge __" only to find official Classical Conversations posts written by parents who've taught the material but never completed the programs as teenagers themselves?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have a classical challenge.

I am Sara Kathryn, the author of this blog. I've been in Classical Conversation's Challenge program since 9th grade, and will graduate from the program this spring. I created this blog out of a need. Often during the school week, usually for me on Thursday afternoons, and Sunday evenings, I feel bombarded with feelings of isolation while doing Challenge homework. At the time, it seems that I'm the only one who struggles with things like time management, perfectionism, irritation at seemingly trivial assignments, and actually accomplishing what I've set out to do. Yet, on Mondays when I mention these things in class, every other person voices feeling similarly. Because we all can feel isolated, especially as home schoolers, I want to share some life experiences from being in Challenge levels A, I, II, and III, tips I've picked up along the way, and encouragement to not give up on yourself or your assignments. Life as a home schooler is difficult, but I would like to help make it a little easier, more enjoyable, and point to a long-term destination that you will certainly reach if you do not give up!

I will be posting three types of posts here:

1. Personal experiences from four years of Challenge.
Have you ever wondered how much your work level is going to increase each year? Or if any real, living person has actually survived a certain Challenge level with their sanity and sense of humor in-tact? How about if someone else had trouble understanding how to format a policy debate? Did they ever improve? If so, how? These types of questions will be answered under this category.

2. School hacks
Ever wondered if there was an easier, more efficient, more manageable way of studying certain material that your guide doesn't mention? Like, how on earth can a person read a book and write an essay on it in the same week? I have a couple of ways you can still accomplish your weekly goal and not miss out on actually understanding what you're reading.

3. School memes
Friends, it's the 21st century. Memes are everywhere on the internet. But these memes are pretty special because they revolve around school. Here's one of my favorites about Latin:
The tips will be short, so you won't be distracted, but the stories will be long, so you can take a decent length break and, hopefully, be encouraged.

It is my goal to use this blog to cheer you on as you climb your weekly mountain of assignments. For the glory of God and with much prayer, hard work, and a certain amount of humor, we accomplish all that we set out to do. This is our classical challenge. Let us triumphantly follow in the footsteps of great men and women to know God and make Him known.

Sara Kathryn

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